Sunday, March 20, 2011

Infinite Variety

This weekend I am going to volunteer at the American Folk Art Museum's show, Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts. I must have been hiding under a rock all winter, because I had no clue that this is being billed as the largest exhibition of quilts ever shown under one roof. The Park Avenue Armory must have a pretty big roof because the Wade Thompson Drill Hall where they will be displayed is 55,000 square feet. 

For six days, from March 25 - 30, there will be more than 650 red and white quilts on display. They are from one collection. When Joanna Semel Rose's husband asked her what she wanted for her eightieth birthday she decided to pass her gift forward to the City of New York. The exhibition is free of charge. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Rose. Thank you.

The concept for the installation is by Thinc Design. It looks to be a work of genius.

Maria Ann Conelli, the Executive Director for the Museum says the installation is magic, hundreds of quilts tossed "into space like so many playing cards, where they hover weightlessly, seemingly frozen in midair." I think I will feel like Alice, after falling down the rabbit hole.  I can't wait.

P.S.  As if this isn’t enough, The Museum has mounted the exhibition, Quilts – Masterworks from the American Folk Art Museum, at their West 53rd Street location. It is the first of a two part show and runs through April 24th. If you can’t visit, Channel 13 - PBS NY has video of Elizabeth V. Warren, Guest Curator, describing some of the highlights of the exhibit. More about the exhibit later.


  1. Lucky you!!! I've fallen in love with some of the pictures I've seen of these red & white beauties. How wonderful for you to be part of the excitement. I look forward to hearing all about it (Australia's just that bit too far to make a weekend of it, so I'm counting on you for all the details) :)

  2. Hi beecee

    I've just noticed that when I replied to a comment you left for me that your email comes us as "beecee ", so you probably haven't received my replies. I hadn't really paid attention before, just hit reply!

    Anyway, hope you've had a great weekend.

    Regards, Sue