Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back to Applique Redux

I figured if I was committing to this project, I was going to be deliberate about the process.  The stabilizer arrived in advance of the quilt retreat weekend and I had a few hours to myself after work.  I used rubber cement to glue a sheet of sandpaper to the inside back cover of a half used graph paper pad and made a portable work table for tracing the template.  I sat down with a glass of wine and my mechanical pencil and opened the shrink wrapped roll of stabilizer. As we said in grammar school, " Sugar-Honey-Iced.......T."  I had ordered the regular tear away instead of the  fusible wash away stabilizer. It's a dilemma.  There's no chance that the right roll will come before I leave for my quilt retreat. Do I resort to the tried and true methods of needle-turn or templar and starch?  I think I'll pack it all and see.  Good thing there is the UFO that is the William Morris nine-patch to work on.


  1. Read my lips "Don't even think about it"! The Stich and Wash fusible is well worth waiting for. And I get a nice headstart on you :-)

  2. Enjoy working on your nine-patch and have a great weekend. You'll just have to go on another quilting retreat for the other project!!!

    Regards, Sue