Friday, July 22, 2011

Penpals and Next Door Neighbors

Sitting around the table with friends and their twenty-something off-spring, we found ourselves explaining just how far away you felt when travelling abroad that long ago, back in the sixties.  We reminisced about the aerogramme as a vehicle for communication. How convenient those gummed sheets of paper that folded into their own pre-stamped envelope were in the days before cell phones and e-mail. 

The 1964 Worlds Fair was organized around the theme of "Peace through Understanding". 
Parker Pens had a pavilion, its mission was to promote peace through writing.  
Visitors to the Pavilion had the opportunity to participate in a computer survey!  It was such a new concept and I remember how excited I was to sign up.  I was matched with a boy named Henk Koster in Holland. We corresponded for years afterward and even swapped relics.  It opened up a whole new world to me. Funny, how some things never change. 

This summer has been busier than any I remember.  Fortunately I have discovered that participating in sewing groups encourages sewing!   If I didn't these groups, I know I wouldn't set aside ME time for doing what I really enjoy. Even though I soon got tired of making nine-patches for my group exchange, the year is over and I have the foundation for another project someday.  I am still in love with making a block a week for my  Civil War Quilt .  I can't wait til the morning to see what block Barbara will post and how my friends around the world will make it their own.

Blocks This Morning


  1. Love seeing your blocks up on the wall! Have you had any thoughts about colours for sashings?

    How are you going with your Josheph's Coat?

    The way we communicate certainly has changed . . not sure if it's all for the better, but that's life! There's certainly something special about getting a card or letter by snail mail, that's for sure.

    Take care, Sue.

  2. Wow, I really like your layout and the on point blocks look beautiful!

    Your friend in stitches

  3. I just loved writing those letter to my penpals - and even more reading those exciting letters from places I was sure never to see...
    I had lots of penpals,; 3 in Iceland, 1 in Greece, 1 in Cyprus and 1 in Pakistan. The letters from Pakistan always had a strange scent and made me dream.