Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rebel Northern Star

This week Barbara Brackman posted a very graphic block on her blog. I wasn't sure I could make the red and white stripes she suggested fit into the scheme of my quilt. So I changed their color to tone down the contrast. But what to do about that big 5" star? Maybe I would just put it on the back. Maybe it could be the label! I used Word to print the star, made a template and traced it onto bleached pimatex cotton. After several experiments with my Pigma and Fabrico pens, I realized the best way to get the "period" effect of perfect handwriting would be to print the text directly on the fabric. I chose EQ's lawn. 

Here in NYC the temperature had climbed into the triple digits. 
I packed my sewing supplies and headed out to the beach.  Sitting under my umbrella, I happily needle turned my star, taking breaks now and then to dive into the ocean and cool off. 

Sea Star
I was glad I had starched the heck out of the fabric because it was easy to crease and even near the shore stayed crisp all day.  As I sewed, I continued to think this block would become the label. 

But now that it is done and on the design wall, I rather like how it fits in with the other blocks.  I guess I was successful.
CWQ30 - Peterson's Stars and Stripes


  1. Reading the story of how you stitched it by the beach was wonderful. You've made a great label for your quilt!!

    Becky in VA

  2. Very clever design change! I like the way the lettering looks too. Great choice. :)

  3. Looks great! What beach did you go to?