Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hexie Fever

I discovered this installation by Crystal Gregory  called "Foot Traffic" long before I was aware of the hexie craze. It was commissioned by the NYC Department of Transportation and is on the overpass at the Lincoln Road train station near Prospect Park.

Don't miss the train!
In crochet parlance these hexagons are called "granny squares".  I am old enough to remember the sixties when making them was all the rage. My friends and I sewed them into afghans and other hideous things that we eventually gave away.   The patchwork hexies created by Lynne and friends may be stylish first cousins to these "squares" but the only thing they have in common with them is that they are both polygons.  Lynne has posted tutorials of lots of different methods for making these at lilysquilts.blogspot.   They seem to be contagious. You can even hex-along.

Sue thinks she's got a a pincushion thing going on . I am hoping it isn't as catching as hexie's  cause I've caught the bug. Which one?  Only time will tell. 

I don't own the AccuQuilt dies, so I made a template for the equilateral triangles (4 5/8" per side  may have been a bit too large) and followed Feed Dog's directions to make my own hexie pincushion.
I had been saving this scrap for something special. 
It went on the bottom of the pincushion, which was not pieced.
Birds, Feathers, Fish and Flowers, these are a few of my favorite things.
I stuffed it with wool roving, from my spinning stash.
Looks like there will be more hex blocks in my future!

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  1. Very cool pincushion! I could really use one of you take orders?
    I also love the hexagons on the fence. So interesting that it was commissioned. I've heard about knitters doing stealth installations in public places, so I assumed this must be along those lines, but it's awesome that it was officially planned and (I assume) paid for. ;-)