Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Passiflora caerula
Because I had to retake HS geometry, I have always considered myself mathematically challenged. No more. After more than several decades I remembered enough to draw a 5 sided polygon and segment it into rays. Here's a peek at the progress I've made so far on my 20 by 20 piece for the Brooklyn Quilt Guild's 2011 Botany Challenge due the third week in October.
72 Degrees


  1. This is seriously STUNNING. Thank you so much for sharing. What hard work must've gone into this. I hope you are SO PROUD of yourself!!!

  2. This is an extraordinary piece of maths and quilting! Fabulous :)

  3. The passion flower is the most beautiful flower I have ever seen. You have just finished what I have been pondering on for about three years. You did a wonderful job.