Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year

Barbara Brackman posted the last Block of the Week for the Civil War Sesquicentennial Quilt yesterday.  She is leaving the blog up until mid-year and a book is in the works.

As a token of appreciation for Ms. Brackman, we, the Civil War Quilt blog followers, made blocks for a quilt to be given to Barbara.  She wrote about it on Christmas Day in her post, Thank You Very Much
I was THRILLED to see my block  - Little Blue Basket - in Barbara's post.  Here's what the label says:
" This quilt was made for Barbara Brackman in appreciation of her Civil War Block of the Week featuring a weekly history lesson and quilt pattern. Quilters became a circle of friends as they enjoyed the history, stitched their blocks and shared them on Flickr. The blocks for this quilt came from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Malaysia, Netherlands, Portugal and the United States of America." 
The quilt was coordinated by Dustin Cecil, our flickr group moderator and put together by Becky Brown, who also sewed many ( all?) of the sample blocks for Barbara.  It was quilted by Deb Jacobs.  The quilt is being photographed for Barbara's new book. 

What with the holidays, I had a bit of catching up to do, so on New Year's eve before we went to dinner, I tackled the Christmas Star block.
I am pleased with this one, as I love the green, pink and red together.   I used the macro lens I got for Christmas to take the photo. 

CWQ Week 52 Christmas Star
Resolution # 1 -  Finish the Civil War quilt.  I've set 20 of the blocks, for me the hardest part will be to decide which block goes where.

Resolution #2 - to integrate photography and quilting. I'm taking a beginner intensive digital photography class in February and am pretty excited about it.  I don't know where this is going to go - but  my pix of quilts and quilt making can only improve, right?
Resolution # 3 -  Hand quilt every day until this one is finished too.

I think that is more than enough resolutions, although I have promised my son that I will walk more. So I shall.  Off to put on walking shoes.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Great resolutions - achievable and fun. Hope you enjoy your photography course. The macro lens seems to work a treat. Your CWQ blocks look great. Mine have tragically stalled!!

    Hope your 2012 is wonderful :)