Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It isn't Quilt until it's Quilted - Civil War Top

version one
getting warmer
almost there

Fifty-nine blocks and room for only fifty-one.  No two the same.  The center thirteen already sewn into place.  I figured it would take the better part of a morning to arrange them to my satisfaction.  Ha. Morning became afternoon; I took a break.  I returned to the design wall after dinner and finally, about midnight I said to myself, enough is enough. You'll see more clearly in the light of day. 

That's when I wished for a visit from the quilter's elves.  These crafty creatures would sneak into my sewing room and immediately identify the offending blocks, eliminate them and rearrange the others so that each block was exactly where it belonged.  But alas, when I checked in the morning, the only blocks that had moved were those that drooped where the painter's tape failed ( my design wall isn't quite wide enough).  So it was back to work and I am not telling how much longer it took until I was really and truly satisfied.  

the blocks that didn't make the final cut
 my favorite quilting tool is the tweezer I use to remove stray thread 
Just Right - My Civil War Top     64.5" by 82"
I needed coping stripes around the center medallion in order to make the border blocks fit, but when I got ready to sew the blocks to the panel I found I was off 5/8ths of an inch.  I didn't have anymore of the beige background fabric, so I couldn't re-make the strips. Then I realized I could trim and resew the sashing in strategic spots to make it work.  Bet you can't tell where!

Spending a year making this quilt with the Barbara Brackman Civil War Quilt circle of friends from all over the world was a once in a lifetime experience.  The woman I plan to have custom quilt it has a seven month wait so it will be a while until my top is officially a quilt. I think it will be worth the wait. Participating in this group for a year taught me how quickly time can fly.


  1. Your final layout is perfect. Colour is balanced, cornerstones sparkle and I love the medallion style with blocks set on point as well as straight set. It's what I am working on as well. You did it perfectly! Very creative and how smart you worked it out to fit.
    Well done!

    ...you could add the blocks that did not make the cut to the backing as magpiememories has, just a thought :0)

  2. Love, love, love it!! What a beautiful quilt (almost quilt, anyway) you have made. All that time pondering the perfect fabric for each block each week has been so worth it. Seven months is nothing in the scheme of things - worth the wait for someone you trust to custom quilt.

    Well done!


  3. This is absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful job you did putting it together. It's a beautiful quilt--congratulations!

  4. Wonderful setting! I'm still working on my alternating blocks. (Well, actually I have the fabric and haven't made one cut! LOL!! Those little elves won't visit me either! But I'm anxious to get going on it.) I do love the way you made the center. And I like the very light corner stones. Good Job!